menu week 21


monday: close



Africans stew with peanut butter, ginger, garlic, tomato, red lenses with chicken


Africans stew with peanut butter, ginger, garlic, tomato and red lenses

Peanut and chives



Pasta bolognaises with pork, carrots, celery, onions, garlic


Pasta bolognaises with lenses, carrots, celery,

 Basil and mozzarella



Asian marinaded chicken with noodles, fresh green chili/sesame dressing

Asian marinaded celeriac with noodles, fresh green, chili sesame dressing

Peanuts and spring onions



Turkey in ratatouille serve with rice

Veg: Butterbeans in Ratatouille serve with rice  

Fresh herbs






Menu week 21

Monday: Pasta with chicken in Indian curry sauce, veggies and green toppings

Veg: Pasta with tofu in Indian curry sauce, veggies and green toppings


Tuesday: Spinach Lasagne with tomatoes, ricotta and turkey chorizo

Veg: Spinach Lasagne without chorizo


Wednesday: Coq au Vin with mushroom, spring onion, celeriac and potato pure

Veg: Vegetarian au Vin with greens and potato pure


Thursday: Moussaka with diced meat and fresh salad

Veg: Vegetarian Moussaka with fresh salad


Friday: Peanut butter noodles bow with chicken

Veg: Veggie peanut butter  green bow

BIO Kantinen

Menu week 22


Monday: Grundlovsdag – lukket


Tuesday: Vegetarian red lentils burger with green peas crème, chili paste, greens  and roasted root beats

2.Cold buttermilk soup with raspberries and  comb junk (kammejunker)


Wednesday: Chicken marinated in lemon Greek yoghurt, basmati rice and season veggies

Vegetarian: Vegetarian Moussaka with tzatziki and greens


Thursday: Pasta with spicy tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil

  1. Gratinated potatoes with cheese, herbs sauce and spring onions


Friday:  Fish cakes, remoulade, lemon and French fries

Veg: Vegan thai dish with butternut squash, soya beans, coconut milk and red vurry, toppings aside


Menu uge 23



Torsdag: Chili sin carne med ris, nachos, chili og creme fraich


Fredag: Hjemmelavet pizza med pepperoni, rucula og rødløg 

Vegetar: Kartofelpizza med rosamarin



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